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Friday Night StuE hosts the music show ‘musicology’ every Friday from 6-8pm.

StuE says the 2 hour show typically takes between 3 and 4 hours to prepare and modestly claims to be the host of not only the best music show in Roxby Downs, but (in his own words) “it’s the best music show in the world!”

Almost every genre is covered. The show started in August 2018 and StuE claims to have had listeners tune in from interstate and internationally, having had confirmation of this, StuE volunteered to the first cab off the rank when it came to sharing a feature on each of the regular shows’ presenters. StuE wanted it known that “anyone who appreciates a wide range of music will enjoy it. I try to include requests in addition to appealing to as many listeners as possible. I want listeners to be able to add to the mix I play each week. I know listeners won’t like every song but I would bet that across the show there would be more than a couple of songs that would meet their approval..”

When asked about what a typical show is like, he said “ I want listeners to be wondering whatever’s next? I might play a heavy metal track and then a pop song and some hip hop. Another week might be some classical and yes, even the odd banjo here and there.”

Rather than just play the songs, StuE also likes to feature some background information on many of the tracks he plays.

“ I always have a playlist prepared but never end up with the actual show I thought it would be. With requests added in, it often changes as the show goes on. “

He says most of the songs are from 1960’s to up to the minute hits.

As for RoxFM insider news (StuE is the current Chairman of RoxFM) he says “Watch out Roxby, 2020 is going to have a couple of brand new shows one featuring 2 of the most well-known members of the Roxby community and another new program on the horizon for our local Arts Communities.

Stay tuned stay informed stay happy.

Stuart Edwards Chairman

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