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RoxFM and 449 other Community radio stations across the country provide information and connect communities in remote, regional and metropolitan areas.  Community radio remains a trusted source of information. We at RoxFM also bring our listeners community updates at the local level from experts in their fields, community organisations and council. We also provide music and conversation and are a valued community asset.

RoxFM is still operating during these uncertain times as your community radio. Some shows may not be on air due to self-isolation of presenters many will still continue and the board are keeping a close eye on any changes that may come our way.  Like everyone else we are in uncharted waters where change can happen so fast.  Presently we are with the support of Community Broadcasting Association of Australia looking into some remote programming which allows shows to be shared across the country.

Deb Price started doing community radio on her own about six years ago in the evening then moved to the morning show Monday to Friday for about three years. Now with her co-host Ells they have a show called “The Afternoon tea show with Deb and Ells” at the timeslot of 2.30 to 3.30pm on a Thursday afternoon. The ladies play a broad range of music and are always promoting that people send them a request. Deb says many times they have had listeners comment on our show and they feel like they’re sitting in the lounge room with us and we are just having a general conversation. That makes us feel good that people are relaxed and we are obviously playing the right music. On behalf of Ells and myself I would like to just say thank you very much to the listeners for their continued support and we look forward to playing some more great music during 2020 so why not tune in on Thursday between 2.30 -3.30pm for afternoon tea show with Deb & Els .

On a Wednesday mornings at 9am -11am we have a show called “Junita’s Aussie Playlist”. The show is all Australian content often with live interviews from current musicians across the country. The genre has a specific feel.  Junita is a blues, soul, jazz, folk, alternative country, rockabilly with a touch of Indie fan and it shows in her choice of music. She has been a supporter of the Australian live music industry for many years. Junita says it is wonderful to be allowed to produce a show that allows me to communicate with musicians across the country and hear all the new music in her favourite genres. So tune in Wednesdays at 9am- 11am and join Junita for something new and learn about the wonderful musicians now playing across the country.

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