Chairman’s Report – July 2020

Strategic Highlights

I am pleased to report that RoxFM had a successful year.

With the departure of the station manager earlier in 2019, the incoming management board was faced with the only option to operate with the relatively small team of dedicated volunteers.

The financial situation during the previous 3 years had incurred successive losses which were exacerbated with additional financial obligations which have to be repaid are factored into results. In 2019 all outstanding Superannuation payments owing were paid in full, along with the identification of outstanding obligations to the ATO which were calculated to be at a cost of $36,000.

 During the year an approved repayment plan was agreed to by the ATO at the rate of $1,000 per month over a 36 month period. RoxFM has now repaid $14,000 of this outstanding debt and there are no remaining employee expenses owing.

Despite this, RoxFM produced an operating surplus of around $15,000 for the financial year.

This significant turnaround in the station’s financial situation wouldn’t have made it through the year without all the support given generously by our sponsors combined with effort put in by all of our volunteers, members, and board members.

Our treasurer Junita has attended conferences and benchmarked and networked with other community radio specialists and presenters and has been just about as enthusiastic a board member as one could hope for, and has provided help with Grant submissions, board minutes and our most prolific social media poster on our RoxFM Facebook page.

Milly has been outstanding as the treasurer, RoxFM probably wouldn’t have made it through the year without the help of Milly. And her husband Jamie, whose technical expertise has helped RoxFM throughout the year.

RoxFM has saved hours per week of volunteer time via automation of the uploading of news and sponsor messaging, as an example of the level of contribution that both have made to helping RoxFM to restore some financial sustainability to the organization.

With several Grants secured in recent months, this resulted in a new laptop that was set up with the entire station library as additional backup capability, in the event of failure of the main studio computer.  

Rene the Deputy Chair has been there throughout the year for help managing the station including the number of occasions where he had to attend RoxFM for one reason or the other.

Sarah has given so much time to RoxFM and has been a great contributor to the RoxFM board consistently along with other work over an extended period of time.

Adrian who has since left Roxby but thanks from the management board, Adrian was like clockwork in his help throughout the year which involved all sorts of technical assistance.

The team increased the number of presenters to 19, with new shows including the ‘Feeling Groovy’ and Leah’s Wednesday morning shows.

Long term popular shows continue and have included Steve and Melody’s regular shows, the Man Cave Mates, Liz’s Saturday mornings, thanks goes to all who helped make RoxFM what it is.

Financial Highlights

RoxFM delivered an operating surplus of $15,000 for the year.

It is intended to use a significant part of this to employ someone on a short term contract, to increase membership and sponsorships. The Board have reduced overhead costs to essentials and we go into the 2020-21 financial year in a much more stable financial positon than at anytime in the past few years and we will continue to pursue grant funding opportunities during the year, to enable the improvement of the station. Long term strategic planning needs to be completed over the next year, to ensure funds are available for asset replacement and upgrades. One of the high priorities for RoxFM is to reach Andamooka  in t he coming year. Our technical experts are looking at the lowest cost options to do so, and this has significantly advanced as we get into 2020-21.

Looking Ahead

There is still a great deal of work ahead for RoxFM in order to ensure its long term viability.

The Board is confident that the right steps are being taken to address RoxFM’s needs now and into the future.

We aim to keep overhead costs at a low level, and to ensure that no over-commitments occur, particularly in regards to employment of people to help run the station.

The Board will begin recruiting for a temporary position with a 3 month fixed term duration. The purpose of the position will be to attract new sponsors and members to RoxFM.

An expanded reach will help to increase audience numbers, particularly if this extends into Andamooka, which we hope to achieve this year.

Sponsor messaging needs to improve, particularly with some of the messaging which is outdated and in need of a refresh. Improved branding via RoxFM merchandising is another avenue we will explore.

We were able to sell XX t shirts during the year and this was an example of the potential that RoxFM branded merchandise could help diversify the income stream.

We have secured mobile audio recording equipment from a Grant received to purchase one, and we intend to conduct more audio recordings for the shows in the coming year.

Interviews of more Roxby locals will be broadcast in the coming year, as we believe that this is a good way to improving RoxFM’s relevance to the community.

We need to secure more sponsorship funding in the coming year and improving the quality of what we broadcast will be an integral aim throughout 2020-21, which in turn should provide an improved incentive for potential sponsors to join the team.

Stuart Edwards
Chairman RoxFM

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