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RoxFM is a community run radio station, which means we rely on community involvement to keep the station running!

RoxFM has been in Roxby Downs rolexdatejustwholesale replica rolex datejust m278274 0018 31mm unisex stainless steel for since 2003, and we’d love to be around for many more year!

Anyone in Roxby can become a member givenchy 583995 1 aaa quality backpacks too, whether you’re an individual or a family, a community group, or even a business!

There are lots of reasons to support your local radio station.
RoxFM is the only local media in Roxby Downs, and play a big role in getting local news into the community;
whether that be about upcoming events or emergency notifications.

RoxFM also gives locals a chance to flex their creative muscles and put together their own radio programs on things they’re passionate about and want to share with the town.

We travel all over Roxby Downs to provide music and coverage of local events for different community groups around town, and just try and get as involved as possible!

Far be it from us to expect anything for free!

​As a member of RoxFM you’ll get discounts on our merchandise, including our t-shirts!

All RoxFM members also get a say on how the station’s run, getting to vote in our AGM each year! 

You do, of course! 

You and everyone else in Roxby Downs! Whether it be livening up Market Days, or supporting local events like the skate park re-opening, RoxFM exists to benefit the community.

We’re not-for-profit, and everything we earn goes into providing quality radio for the people of Roxby Downs.
All of our presenters are volunteers, and put the time in on air because they have a passion for the community. Roxby Downs is what you make of it and we’re proud to be able to offer the people in town a chance to get on the radio! ​

We offer memberships for Individuals, Families, Community Groups, and Businesses, so we’ve got you covered!

RoxFM appreciates every single member, and thank you in advance for helping support your local radio station! 

Just fill out the below form, we’ll send you an invoice and it’ll be official!

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