Chairmans Report – October 2019

I would like to thank all volunteers and members who have contributed towards the ongoing maintenance and operation of RoxFM over this past year. I would also like to thank each of the current and past Board members for their enthusiasm and commitment to RoxFM throughout the year. Each Board member has significantly contributed to keeping progress on track with regards to improving RoxFM’s long term sustainability.
I thank Milly for all the work in relation to managing RoxFM’s finances, including providing timely reports and making changes to banking and reviewing expenditures along with recommendations, and of course the other help putting in so much personal time into station management.
I also thank Junita as the Board Secretary for the timely and accurate minute taking, and enthusiasm and fact finding in attending other radio stations, the annual conference in Adelaide and also all of the additional efforts put in to keeping the station running smoothly.
I am also grateful to Rene for joining the Board earlier this year as Vice Chairman, your contributions have also been invaluable to getting RoxFM in a stronger position than it was.
Thanks also go to Adrian Friedel, David Brown and Craig Sumsion for going beyond expectation in volunteering time and effort keeping the station running, along with all the other support from all of the members and volunteers throughout the year.
We have come a long way in a short space of time.
It was only 6 months ago that the station was in crisis financially and some difficult decisions had to be made, in order to prevent insolvency. Unfortunately this included the conclusion that RoxFM could no longer afford to employ a full time station manager and the RoxFM Van was considered to be an under-utilised asset which was sold to further reduce overhead costs. The combined effect of reducing outgoing expenditures had an immediate effect on improving the ongoing fiscal viability of the station and this has continued to improve. The Board also worked on strategies to improve on income generation and we have a new fee structure for sponsors along with new sponsor agreements being developed.
We have more shows and presenters today than we had one year ago, our financial position going forward is significantly improved and work on the strategic and business planning processes has commenced which will further help to place RoxFM in a solid financial position in the long term.
We intend to employ a person on a casual basis in order to boost sponsorship engagement and we are investigating options for an apprenticeship/trainee position in the near future.
The Board has also commenced investigating the feasibility of increasing the broadcast range, with a goal to reach Andamooka in the near future.
RoxFM social events were held during the year and it is planned to have more regular get-togethers for all members and volunteers in the future.
I am excited for the future of RoxFM and with the continued support of our sponsors, the Board and Members, along with a more stable financial position, I am certain that RoxFM will continue to improve and remain to be seen as an integral part of Roxby Downs by the community in the coming year.
Stuart Edwards

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