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During lock down I have found myself looking through my music collection more and more for inspiration, memories and happiness. Music is like that. Songs just evoke so many memories and set our moods. So what songs have been on your playlist this lock down?

I have been getting behind several new artists and lock down has been great for spending time listening to some of the CD’s that have been coming into the radio station from new Australian talent. Alex the Astronaut is one such artist and her album “The Theory of Absolutely Nothing” has been one that has been on repeat.

Alex The Astronaut has always had a supernatural knack for capturing human experience in song. On The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing (to be released August 21 2020), she explores friendship, love, loss, pain and change, weaving a constellation of stories about the personal reckonings that come with growing up. The album features the anthemic ‘Happy Song’ and the uplifting ‘I Think You’re Great’ as well as ‘I Like To Dance’ and ‘Split The Sky’, which have earned praise and support both here and abroad from triple j, The Guardian, NPR and Refinery29, among others.

Another rising star is Aimee Hannan. Lion in my Heart is a powerful song which speaks to me about taking control of your life and speaking up for you believe in. Aimee wrote this song with Gina Jeffreys and Max Jackson, hoping to remind herself and others that we face things in our life that can affect our world in many ways but we have that inner strength to stand up and overcome life’s inner battles and keep moving forward. 

Aimee is a powerful & vibrant performer who connects with her audience on all levels..
With over 17 years of professional experience throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria & Internationally. In 2010, Being an Australian representative in the World star Quest in Beijing China was one of her career highlights…
Another was appearing on 2018s season of ‘The Voice’ securing herself a place in Deltas Top 12.

A friend introduced me to the music of Hilltop Hoods several years ago. I wasn’t sold at first but then I saw them live in 2017 at the Adelaide 500 and I was hooked. The support they were offering to new artists and the quality of their performance turned my opinion and I have been enjoying their music ever since. Their isolation song “I’m Good?” is another example of the support they offer to others, with all proceeds going to Support Act’s Roadies Fund.

Growing up in the 80’s I was very much into the Now Collection mix tapes. Feargal Sharkey, Nik Kershaw and Eurythmics all featued on the Now That’s What I call Music 6 and were one of the few albums I had on vinyl. Most of my music at the time was on tape and often was from the shows. The King & I, Joseph, and Westside Story all featured alongside the occasional Wham tape or mix tape made by a friend or cousin. (Thankfully I think my music interest has improved over the years.)

Meanwhile my older brother was into rock music and would rock the whole street with AC/DC & Meatloaf. This has now become part of my collection along with the softer rock of Bon Jovi. I was in the local church choir for many years in what was a very progressive church. At the end of choir practice we were often found belting out tunes from the Slippery When Wet album, with drums twa rolex day date mens rolex calibre 2813 118346 silver tone 13mm and an electric guitar. I love that Bon Jovi are still producing great music and This House is Not For Sale is on my current playlist

One artist that may surprise you on my playlist is kasabian. One of the members grew up in the house opposite ours and could often be found playing in the garden with my younger brother. The first time I heard their music was at my grandma’s house! Sergio had given my Grandma his first album, she was listening and commented that while it wasn’t to her taste (she liked Engelbert Humperdinck) she could see that younger people would enjoy the music 🙂 A couple of my favourite songs are Empire and Club Foot.

So that is my playlist – what about you?

What is on your playlist currently?

  • Hilltop Hoods – I’m Good

  • Alex the Astronaut – The Happy Song

  • Kasabian – Empire

  • Bon Jovi – This House is Not For Sale

  • Feargal Sharkey – A Good Heart

  • Aimee Hannan – Lion in My Heart

  • AC/DC – Hells Bells

  • Freya Ridings – Castles

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