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Whilst uploading the chart music on Sunday afternoon I came across the new song by English psychedelic pop band, Glass Animals, formed in Oxford in 2010. As with most new music I checked out the video to Heat Waves, you can’t be too careful, and began wondering where they had recorded the video as it appeared to be a very quiet street in London. After a little investigation I found the press release for the video

On making the video, Dave says: “The Heat Waves video is a love letter to live music and the culture and togetherness surrounding it. It was filmed at the peak of the lockdown in my neighbourhood in East London by the lovely people who live around me, just using their phones. These are people who are usually out at shows, in galleries, going to cinemas etc. These venues are left empty now, and many of them will not survive.”

It got me to thinking about how artists have adapted during lockdown to continue to bring new music to us, their audiences and fans, during this less than easy time.

One of my personal favourites is Hilltop Hoods, I’m Good? As the press release states this is “a song from, and about isolation… with proceeds from the track going to the SUPPORT ACT ‘Roadies (Crew) Fund’. The band had been in lockdown writing their new album but decided to take a break and work on something that would help road and support crew – including those whose livelihoods have been devastated by the impact of COVID-19.”

Regarding the release of the song, the band had this to say: ‘It’s a very dark time at the moment, so we wanted to make something light-hearted, we’re hoping that the song might give someone a laugh and maybe lift their spirits. But ultimately what we want to do is raise money for the roadies and associated support crew – including those who have lost their livelihoods due to this pandemic.’

The Beth’s, New Zealand indie pop band featuring Elizabeth Stokes (vocals/guitar), Jonathan Pearce (guitar), Benjamin Sinclair (bass), and Tristan Deck (drums), released I’m Not Getting Excited in May 2020. The official video was filmed during the first month of lockdown in New Zealand. It’s a spooky more-is-more collage of animated night terrors. Directors Sports Team stated “There’s a madness too, in the contradiction between what the song is about and its frenetic energy. It has defined the lockdown for us—being locked indoors but furiously busy.”

US band OK Go released a home recorded video as a way to gather donations for frontline workers. You may remember their earlier video from Here It Goes Again, featuring the band dancing on treadmills (if you haven’t seen it you have missed out). 2020 saw the band releasing All Together Now with each band member filming themselves at home. In a very personal comment, Damian Kulash tells of his battle and recovery from coronavirus.

So, please tell me below what your favourite lockdown video?
Let’s share the great work that the music industry has brought us during COVID.

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