RoxFm hits back after COVID-19

RoxFm like all businesses in Roxby Downs have faced a number of challenges during covid 19. It’s been a year of rules and regulations, our priority of course, the wellbeing, of our volunteers. The board implemented guidelines promoted by SACBA (South Australian Broadcasting Association) around social distancing and hygiene practices for the studio and all volunteers were notified. A log book was introduced so that we could contact trace if we needed too. All precautions were then taken to ensure the safety of our volunteers.

We were thrilled to get to air a series of new shows this year some live and some produced remotely

Vicki and Sandy have being doing great with their show  “Feelin’ Groovy” on a Wednesday afternoon at 4.30-6pm they provide some escapism as the listeners dance and singalong to songs from the late 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s. Both Vicki and Sandy have a laugh as they dress in tie dyes and hippie outfits to get in the right mood before going on air.

Other shows such as “Team Hub” with Aatika and Emma from Time for Wellbeing have a wonderful new show every Thursday at 1pm where you can hear about how to keep yourself healthy, the show covers all areas of health and wellbeing for all the community. The vibe is back with community updates and great music with a new crew Leah, Sasha and Juliette on Fridays at 1-2pm. Roxby local is on air every Tuesday morning with Milly Breward at 7-8am as she interviews local community members that help keep Roxby Downs on the move. “Council Catch-up” is back with Juliette and Cassie every Thursday morning 9-10am. Just to name a few.

Of course many of your favourite shows are still on air such as Easy Listening Melodies on a Monday Lucky dip on Tuesday, “Afternoon Tea” with Deb and Els Thursday “Stues Musicology” on Friday night with the “Rock” and “Man Cave” on Saturdays for your listening enjoyment.

Congratulations to Jamie Breward, our recent winner for the Community Champions Awards!Jamie has been heavily involved…

Posted by Roxby Downs Community on Sunday, 2 August 2020

Behind the scenes a lot has also been going on Jamie Breward has been putting in the hours with assistance from Tim Borgas from SACBA working towards improving our remote ability. Stuart Edwards and Rene Ayala have been troubleshooting any problems in conjunction with our technician. Milly Breward and Sarah Curtis have been busy working on grant applications and developing training aids while Junita Lyon has been taking part in a mentoring program.

It’s been a fantastic team effort by all volunteers who are helping RoxFM work towards our strategic plan that is now in place.  We are also grateful to Roxby Council for their ongoing support.

We are still in need of the community’s support so why not become a member or think about being a sponsor or purchasing some on air advertising that can be geared to suit your business.

So tune in either on 105.5FM or stream live us at

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