105.5 RoxFM

105.5 RoxFM
Country: Australia Australia

Community Radio streaming live here 27 / 7 RoxFM, as a community radio station, is the focal point for communication within the Roxby Downs community. Our over-riding ethos is to achieve successful communication and marketing for community groups, whilst striving to be a successful organisation ourselves. RoxFM broadcasts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year.  RoxFM began broadcasting in 2002 and was granted permanent community broadcasting license in 2003. In addition the advent of streaming through the RoxFM website in 2012 marked a significant milestone in expanding our broadcasting range. RoxFM supports and encourages involvement in other community groups by means of interviews designed to give wider knowledge and understanding of those organisations. In doing this we empower the local community by giving a positive and encouraging voice through which to promote events. We connect and empower Roxby residents and local groups to the wider community and to each other through the provision of information, services and entertainment which promotes the town’s unique culture and diversity.

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