Katherine Tuft, general manager at Arid Recovery, is joining a fundraiser this year to support education for girls. It’s called ‘Do It In A Dress’, and Kath will do just that on the 6th Oct, wearing a school dress through my working day – fencing in a dress, emailing in a dress, tracking bilbies in a dress… you get the picture! Kath will start her day joining Milly on Roxby Local between 7am and 8am to tell us all about the importance of this event.
Kath stated on social media that she is so grateful for the opportunities girls have in our country so she is passionate about helping improve girls’ education elsewhere. Girls going to school reduces child mortality, lowers population growth rates, reduces hunger and lifts economies .
Some stats:
– women are two-thirds of the nearly 800 million illiterate people worldwide
– every year of primary school increases girls’ later wages by 10-20%
– children of mothers with no education are 3x more likely to die than those with mothers who have secondary education in some parts of the world
If you’d like to support the cause listen in on Tuesday 6th October for ways to support and check out to support Kath.
If you would like to DO IT IN A DRESS it isn’t too late. Contact for further information.

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